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Cornerstone’s school motto is “Change starts from within.”

Education Crisis in Kenya

The overwhelming lack of quality education in Kenya is devastating Kenyan children, hindering their development, and destroying their dreams for a better future. Most rural schools have no electricity or running water, few textbooks, and no technology. Student to teacher ratios average 59:1 across the nation, and teachers spend just over 2 hours per day in classroom instruction. Harsh corporal punishment techniques remain the standard for maintaining classroom order in most schools. Learn more: education crisis.

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy began in 2013 with an intentional focus to help end this crisis, beginning with a research-based, innovative school in the strategically located Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Beautifully surrounded by mountains and well-resourced, our flagship campus can be found near two truck stop towns on the Trans-African highway, in an area populated by people trapped in generational poverty. Local kids in the school’s catchment zone have already suffered many challenges, such as fatherlessness, family substance abuse, high crime rates, sexual and physical abuse, abandonment, and lack of prior schooling. Malnutrition, untreated illnesses, and high HIV rates also block the progress of children who might otherwise succeed.

We believe transformational education is the answer. By replacing barriers with proven solutions in one key community, a core group of Kenya's most impoverished children can be raised to be the agents of change that influence tomorrow.

Our mission is to provide all that is necessary, for every child we serve, at every age, so that they will grow up to be world-changers.

We focus on helping children find their great worth and unique gifts. At Cornerstone, each child has every provision to develop his or her God-given potential. Students are emerging hopeful, confident, and equipped to impact their community for good.

The foundation of everything we do, the Cornerstone, is the transforming love of God.

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