Our Location

Maai Mahiu, Kenya

Maai Mahiu, Kenya, is a truck-stop town located on the Trans-African highway that spans from Lagos, Nigeria, in West Africa to Mombasa, Kenya, in East Africa.

The semi-arid region around Maai Mahiu has no real sustainable industry other than trucking and prostitution. As a result, HIV rates are higher than average. Poverty is stifling, especially since the lack of rain does not allow the growth of crops. A transient male population, disease, and poverty leave many children hungry, homeless, and orphaned.

Cornerstone photo

Maai Mahiu, Kenya


Our water comes from two sources: a 7.5 mile-long spring-fed line from two separate intakes in the mountains (40,000 L/day) and a rainwater catchment system. Drinking water at Naomi's Village is triple filtered to make it safe for consumption. Hot showers and flush toilets maintain proper hygiene and sanitation. 3-phase electricity and a backup generator provide power consistently. The facility is protected by an electric fence, security alarms, night watchmen, dogs, and CCTV cameras. Satellite TV and internet on site help give the children a broader view of the world.


Both fruit and vegetables are grown on site for consumption by the children. A drip irrigation greenhouse added in 2013 currently grows tomatoes for use at Naomi's Village and to sell to the community as an economic sustainability measure for the home. An aerobic septic system produces treated water from the facility, which is used to irrigate the fields and fruit trees via underground pipes.

School Building

A temporary 5-room school building was completed in September 2013 for Cornerstone Preparatory Academy. Additionally, a one-third acre parcel of land adjoining the main home plot has been bought and annexed to give space for constructing teenager houses for our boys and girls.

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