Cornerstone Facts

Cornerstone Campus

A state-of-the-art elementary school completed in 2016 was the first step in the master plan for our 24 acres of land. With construction of additional buildings, this school will eventually enroll over 500 students in grades K-8.

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First class of Cornerstone Preparatory Academy -2013


We recruit and train excellent Kenyan teachers who share our vision for empowering children. We maintain a maximum 25:1 student to teacher ratio, allowing time for individual student's needs.

Our built-in character training program strengthens students spiritually and emotionally to equip them for leadership, and prepare them to confidently chase their dreams. We endeavor to give every student a first-world education, regardless of socioeconomic status.

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Students are prepared for higher education

Reaching Into The Community

In January 2016, Cornerstone added an inaugural class of 40 community students, who joined 54 current students from Naomi's Village Children’s Home. We selected the new kids from the most underprivileged families in the area, who lived in abject poverty on an average of $2.50 / day and struggled to afford basic essentials. When parents of these kids lacked money for school fees, their children often got sent home in shame from local schools. We selected these kids because we had seen their homes up close and personal, and knew that without help, they had little hope of success. Also, we had uncovered national stats showing that 1 in 2 rural Kenyan girls never set foot in a classroom, and 9 in 10 children from poor households were failing to complete the eighth grade.

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Helping children from the surrounding community

Child Sponsorship

Our delightful students are brimming with potential. Your sponsorship will provide a child the educational opportunity of a lifetime and a limitless future.

This is your opportunity to make God’s love visible in another corner of the world. Our students’ faces light up when they realize they have someone abroad who loves and cares for them personally, perhaps for the first time in a way that changes their future.

If you have children, this is a wonderful chance for them to learn about another culture and to teach them by example about generosity, living out the Biblical commandment to care for others.

For questions about donating or volunteering, visit our contact page.