Naomi's Village is a fully registered children's home providing complete care for total orphans, located near the truck stop town of Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Founded in 2011, we have since rescued over 65 children, including abandoned babies and those left parentless by terrorist attacks, AIDS, disasters, and domestic violence. The plans we have for these children and their futures are part of a remarkable undertaking, a call of God, to one day see the comforting of a vast wound on the heart of African humanity.

What Orphan Crisis?

Much of the Western world has yet to grasp the severity of Africa’s orphan crisis, remaining largely unaware of the cries of 60 million children in dire need of help. The facts of this crisis paint a picture of widespread suffering, with 12% of all African children counted as orphans by Unicef, 30% of these because AIDS took a parent’s life. Sadly, in Sub-Saharan Africa, this same infection leads to the death of the other parent in three out of four cases.

The total number of African orphans is greater than the number of all children in Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, and Denmark combined. In Kenya alone, Unicef reports 2.6 million orphans, more than the total population of Dallas and Fort Worth combined. There are seven hundred Kenyan children every day who hug their parent for the last time - one every two minutes.

Our Vision

We believe the solution to this crisis lies within Kenya. Our vision is to empower a group of children to grow up to be part of the answer to the cries of their orphaned peers. To this end, our children need more than just the basics, the subsistence life normally provided in a typical African orphanage.

At Naomi’s Village, we provide nurturing love, healthcare, proper nutrition, excellent education, leadership training, spiritual care, and individual counseling to each child. Our children receive all that a child needs to develop fully, and to dream unhindered by limits. Our home is the kind of home your own child could live in.

As our kids heal and grow, we then engage them in serving the needy along with us. By doing so, we are field-training a core group of empathetic leaders to grow up and multiply God’s redemptive work in Kenya through similar ministries of their own.

Only then, when Kenyans are catalyzed to solve their own crisis, will the number of orphans begin to decline. That is our vision, in short.

Your Part

Child Sponsorship – Why Sponsor?

We use child sponsorships to fund our Naomi's Village-Kenya operating budget. 100% of child sponsorship funds go to the direct care of our children, including food, clothing, medical needs, education, salaries for Kenyan staff, utilities, field trips, etc.

Child / sponsor relationships have proven to be one of the most healing benefits of living at Naomi’s Village. Our children now understand they have family members abroad who love them in ways that have changed the course of their lives.

Getting to Know Your Child

We want you to have a deep and meaningful relationship with your child at Naomi’s Village, to the extent that you are able to do so.

We encourage you to send letters and gifts, to have Skype calls with your child, and when possible, to visit Naomi’s Village in Kenya.

You will receive periodic updates on your child’s progress and prayer needs. We will also send pictures from special events such as Christmas and beach trips.

For questions about donating or volunteering, visit our contact page.